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Calif. State Map

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Oroville Map
Resorts & Marinas Campgrounds & R.V. Parks Boat Launches
12-Bidwell Canyon Marina
13-Lime Saddle Marina
01-Bidwell Canyon Campground
02-Loafer Creek Campground
03-Loafer Creek Group Camp
04-North Point Boat-in Camp
05-Knoll Boat-in Camp
06-South Cove Boat-in Camp
07-South Bloomer Boat-in
Group Camp

08-Craig Saddle Boat-in Camp
09-Foreman Point Boat-in Camp
10-Goat Ranch Boat-in Camp
11-Floating Campsites
14-Spillway Launch Area
15-Lime Saddle Ramp
16-Bidwell Canyon Ramp
17-Loafer Creek Ramp
18-Nelson Bar (unimproved)
19-Vinton Gulch (unimproved)
20-Dark Canyon (unimproved)
21-Foreman Creek (unimproved)
22-Stringtown Rd. (unimproved)
01 Bidwell Camp 02 Loafer Creek Camp 03 Loafer Creek Grp camp 04 North Point Boatin 05 Knoll boatin 06 South Cove boatin 07 South Bloomer Grp camp 08 Craig Saddle boatin 09 Foreman Point boatin 10 Goat Ranch boatin 11 Floating Campsites 12 Bidwell Canyon Rsrt 13 Lime Saddle marina 14 Spillway ramp 15 Lime Saddle ramp 16 Bidwell Canyon ramp 17 Loafer Creek ramp 18 Nelson Bar unimproved ramp 19 Vinton Gulch unimproved ramp 20 Dark Canyon unimproved ramp 21 Foreman Creek unimproved ramp 22 Stringtown Rd unimproved ramp